What Can You Do if Your Laptop is Lost or Stolen? Is Your Business Secure?

stolen laptopAre you prepared to recover from every-day disasters that could leave your business vulnerable?

September is FEMA’s Disaster Preparedness Month, and many businesses across the country are taking a hard look at their information technology. They’re setting up backup processes and making plans for recovery in case a flood or fire damages the equipment in their office.

But disaster preparedness is about more than just setting up backups and calling it a day. Have you thought about every-day mishaps that could set your business back? What if your laptop was lost or stolen? Most business owners, and even many employees, use their home PCs and laptops to access business systems and files, and that can leave a gateway into your business for unscrupulous criminals to exploit. But simply not accessing work from home really isn’t an option for busy professionals anymore, so how do you keep your business safe?

The disaster recovery experts at CAT-TEC work with businesses of all sizes and industries to prepare for any level and type of disaster, both natural and manmade. Our Business Continuity strategy is about more than backups – we help you analyze all the vulnerabilities in your business and make a plan to keep you protected and ready to quickly bounce back in the face of disaster. Call us at (416) 840-6560 or send an email to {email} to learn more.

If your business is prepared with a Business Continuity plan, there’s no reason to panic when disaster strikes. Our team helps not only set up the right processes for disaster recovery, but also teaches you the appropriate reactions to any level of disaster. If your laptop is lost or stolen, we’ll be there to guide you through the right steps, in the right order, and at the right times to ensure your business is protected.

We also use proactive solutions to make recovery fast and simple, including:

  • Mobile Device Security: The biggest concern over a lost or stolen laptop is your immediate security. You don’t want your important data to fall into the wrong hands. We help you prepare the right security systems and protocols for your laptops and other mobile devices, including the ability to remotely locate and (if necessary) wipe a computer or other device, so you can ensure no one will be able to take advantage of you.
  • Cloud-Based Backup: We can set up a comprehensive backup solution for all of your information technology, including your laptop. Not only do we store your important documents and other files, but also make copies of your applications and system settings, so it’s simple to restore a lost or damaged work environment as if it was never gone at all.
  • Offsite Virtualization: If you use your laptop as your main workspace, losing it could mean being unable to get any work done at all! Luckily, we can take your backups a step further and prepare you with cloud-based virtualization. If you ever need it, we can spin up an exact copy of your system from a cloud-based server that you can securely access on any computer connected to the Internet. That way, you can keep working without disruption while your computer is either repaired or replaced.

Your business’ disaster preparation is your responsibility, but our experience can give you the help you need to put the plan and systems together. Plan now for when a disaster strikes, large or small. Spend the time on your Business Continuity today, so you won’t wish you had tomorrow.

CAT-TEC is trusted by businesses in The GTA to keep them prepared for whatever the future may hold. Our consultants and technicians are ready to meet with you, discuss your needs, and create your unique Business Continuity strategy. Call (416) 840-6560 now to book your complimentary business continuity consultation.

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