Your Trusted Toronto IT Consultants

Toronto IT ConsultantsCAT-TEC Inc. was founded in 1998 with the goal of becoming an outstanding IT consultancy; and through our many years of experience, evolution and unique service offerings, we’re now trusted Toronto IT consultants and advisors for many small businesses in the GTA. Our customers know us best as their “IT Guardian.”

Our Vision As Your Trusted IT Guardian

To be a reliable, ethical, and professional boutique IT consultancy serving small- and medium-sized entrepreneurial organizations, and to ensure their IT infrastructure makes the maximum contribution possible to their productivity and profitability.

Our Mission as Toronto IT Consultants

To serve entrepreneurs who run small- to medium- sized businesses, who value the importance of information technology, and use it to gain a competitive advantage.  With skill, integrity and a vigilant commitment to safeguarding their valuable information assets, we work cooperatively to help our clients achieve all of their business goals.

What Your Small-to Medium-Sized Business Needs

When running a business, we know that every moment and dollar counts; and that you don’t have the time or resources to waste on IT concerns.  An interruption in server access, a loss of important data, even a poorly managed spam filter costs valuable time and money. Outsourcing technology management to IT professionals like CAT-TEC protects your business against IT issues that cost in productivity and profitability, and is available at an affordable price.

What You Can Expect From CAT-TEC’s Services

  • Our 24/7 help desk ensures that you never go without IT support again.
  • We select only the solutions that you truly need, so you save money on technology products.
  • Our secure, remote online backup system protects your mission-critical information and allows you to rest easy knowing your data is safe.
  • We make sure technology keeps your business moving forward by providing you with proactive IT management.
  • CAT-TEC will act as your very own IT department, integral to your organization.
  • We pride ourselves on fostering long-term relationships with our clients, working closely with them to ensure that their company has the tools for success, and the support to keep them operating smoothly.
  • Pro-active IT Guardian Service effectively manages and maintains your IT systems at a price that will fit your budget.
  • CAT-TEC Sentinel 24/7 network monitoring with remote troubleshooting keeps your systems healthy and always working for you.
  • Fortress Service provides full-time backup of your data, so your files are secure.
  • IT Guardian Consulting Services address whatever business challenge you’re facing today, including network implementations and upgrades, virtualization, and storage consolidation.

Contact us to see how a custom service plan from CAT-TEC and the CAT-TEC Save Your Data service will improve your company’s productivity, profitability and bottom line!

Client Success

The Michaud Group

“I have an offsite assistant, and all of my files (drawer-upon-drawer of them) are now  available. The ability to load documents from the offsite location, and have them [available] for me exactly when I need them is the great benefit of the SaveYourData software,”

The Michaud Group