Top 5 Critical Steps When Switching IT Support Companies

Switching IT CompaniesNobody likes running around, last minute, especially when switching IT providers. It can be a long and tedious process, but once you have everything settled you will be in better shape than you were before. Being prepared is the trick when switching providers – as you don’t want to have setbacks along the way.

You may want to switch companies because of difficulties or lack of services with your current provider. When your business needs grow, your tech needs to move with it. If your current IT support can’t keep you up to date, it will only make it difficult to move forward with your business. Some problems are solved with meetings and good communication, others may need you to move on to a more efficient company. If you are thinking about switching IT support companies, keep these critical steps in mind:

1.   Keep Control

Make sure you have full control over your files. IT companies love having high levels of jurisdiction over your entire network. This may allow them to switch passwords and lock you out of your information. Of course not all IT companies are like this, but you need to make sure you aren’t being held ransom for your files that you created, especially at the last minute.

2.   Acquire IT Documentation

Everyone has a different way of organization and it is the same theory with IT companies. Acquiring your network map can help the new IT support company understand how you are doing things today. It also helps to have a list of log in accounts, usernames and passwords to make your file transition smoother. You wouldn’t travel the world without a map and passport, so why would you move blindly to a new support company?

3.   Backup your files

Having a duplicate backup is very important when moving files and transitioning. The last scenario you need to go through is an IT support company holding your essential documents and files ransom or losing files in the process. Having more than one backup is always a good idea when moving information from one place to another. Peace of mind with backups is critical and there will be little to stress about.

4.   Set up a transition time

Some IT support companies will be open to a transition phase to help you move from one to another. Your current IT support company may not be happy about this and require an additional fee. If all goes well, then you will have a lot less issues when starting your new network and support system the day that you want it to be running.

5.   Transition the Process

Having your new IT support company working earlier allows for easy transition and less flaws in your system. This means testing printers, networks and backups ahead of time – making sure it works properly and sufficient. As soon as you are ready to pull the plug on the old network, your new one will work with a lot less downtime.

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