The 10 Most Important Features of Windows 10

Windows 10While Windows 10 still isn’t complete, there are already a number of exciting features available as part of its preview.

Here are 10 of the most exciting features we’ve seen so far.

  • Windowed Metro Apps

The Metro apps from Windows 8 are still around, but they’ve been tweaked to better fit desktop sensibilities. Metro apps now open in a desktop window instead of bringing you into a full-screen app, and they now include a toolbar that can be navigated with your mouse.

  • Continuum

Windows 10 has been formatted to better fit touchscreen devices. The Continuum feature allows users to switch between desktop mode and a style similar to Windows 8 built for mobile devices. Hybrid devices will alternate between both modes depending on if the user has attached a keyboard. While in tablet mode the Start menu expands to fit the full screen. The Action Center has a button called Tablet Mode which will allow you to switch the feature off or on.

  • Action Center Notifications

This is incredibly valuable for both business and personal uses. Action Center is a basecamp of useful information, and as your reminders come in, they’re all archived here.

  • Cortana

Cortana is a search function first implemented on Windows Phone 8.1. It uses your personal information in conjunction with Bing-powered cloud smarts to find info you’re looking for. Cortana can schedule a reminder, set alarms, check your calendar, call a contact, compare stocks, and much more. It responds to either typed or voice commands.

  • Xbox App

The Xbox app first displays your activity feed which features the activities of all your Xbox Live friends. The right side of the app displays a friends list, and selecting one gives you the opportunity to view clips of their games or send an instant message. In addition, you can see a list of your own achievements and edit your profile.

  • Solidified Settings

Windows 10 gives you one easy-to-navigate Settings menu, available as soon as you click the Start button. They’ve done away with the strangely designed separate Settings menus of Windows 8.

  • The Start Menu

The improved functionality of the new Windows 10 Start menu leaves its appearance up to you. It provides the option to turn off Windows 8-style Live Tiles, and you can unpin or resize all of the Metro apps. You also have the option to expand the menu to full screen.

  • File Explorer’s Home Folder

Not only do the icons feature a new look, but to help you save time Windows has arranged files by recently accessed folders and your most frequently visited locations.

  • Boot to Desktop

Start Page is gone, and with Windows 10 you are launched automatically to desktop.

  • Virtual Desktops

This setup lets you switch between either apps or “Desktops” of apps which can be organized any way you choose. Virtual Desktops make it so that you always know where things are.

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