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Mobile Device ManagementDo you have a trusted IT professional to help your The GTA business with all things IT, including managing your mobile devices?

Employees today use mobile devices to connect to a corporate network so they can work remotely and wirelessly, and as a business owner or manager you must select the right mobile device management (MDM) solution for your company.  Your solution must ensure security, and provide management for each device connected to your network.

When selecting an MDM solution you can choose from on-premise, SaaS (Software as a Service), or managed service.   They all have their own benefits and it’s important that you understand the difference between them so you can select the best option for your company.

  • With an On-Premise Solution, servers are located on your organization’s premises, rather than in an outside location.  You own all the hardware and software.  Management of your servers is handled in house rather than remotely.
  • When using SaaS (Software as a Service) you use cloud computing to access software over the Internet that is hosted in an off-site location.   You pay a fee for a subscription to use the software for a specific period of time.
  • With Managed Service you contract the services of an IT Managed Service Provider who has the expertise needed to manage all your IT and mobile device requirements.

Which MDM Solution Meets Your Control Needs?

If you want complete control over your hardware and software, an on-premise solution would best meet your needs.  However you’ll require an internal IT team with experience and up-to-date certifications to ensure your IT infrastructure operates at peak performance.  This solution requires the greatest amount of capital investment.

With an SaaS solution, you have control over your IT hardware, but your software is maintained remotely via the licensing provider.  You’ll still need internal IT experts, but they won’t need to manage all of your software requirements.  While an SaaS option allows you to maintain day-to-day device management, the servers and software will be hosted at an off-site data center. This frees you of the burden of deploying, controlling and maintaining your own software and servers.

A managed services MDM solution transfers responsibility of your IT infrastructure, including your mobile devices to an IT Managed Service Provider. In addition to this, your provider will remotely manage your mobile devices, security configurations, software updates and packages, and other operations. You also won’t need to make capital expenditures for hardware and software.

IT Expertise Is Essential

Technical expertise is required to manage any MDM solution.  Wireless devices are more complex than ever before, and they’re now critical tools for most organizations. To secure, manage, and maintain your wireless infrastructure, IT experts are essential. For companies that lack personnel with IT expertise, a managed service provider is the answer.

Your System Must Be Secure

Many people believe that on-premise systems are more secure than SaaS or managed service solutions. However, if the solution isn’t being managed properly, your system won’t be secure and protected. Mobile devices are easily stolen or lost, and companies that must meet stringent regulatory or privacy requirements could be put in jeopardy.

With on-premise and SaaS solutions, your IT team must continually maintain your system and ensure it’s protected.   But with a managed service solution, you’ll always have access to the most current version of software, including security updates, and your provider will ensure your data is protected 24/7. If you like the idea of an MDM solution but don’t have the necessary expertise or resources, then a managed service option is the best solution for your organization. It will allow you the freedom to focus on your business needs rather than IT worries.

Choosing the Right Provider

Businesses can change at a rapid rate, with expansion, product evolution, and economic cycles that vary. Your company may add new mobile devices and operating systems, or even add new locations. Consider whether a provider can support the changes that will likely take place.

Your provider should be able to provide the flexibility and scalability you need, and support for new and various types of mobile devices. Look for a provider with a range of options. For example, if you change your mind in the future, can your provider offer another solution?

Choose a provider who offers round-the-clock customer service through various channels such as online chat, phone or email. And one that has a solid track record with strong engineering, management and support teams. Make sure they have a sufficient understanding of MDM.

Also look for a vendor with a strong customer base, and never be afraid to ask for references. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and look for support so you can select the correct solution and provider for your organization.

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