Lifelong Learning is Our Competitive Advantage in the Automation Age, Here’s Why

Our focus on lifelong learning ensures your business stays ahead; learn how automation is impacting jobs and why education matters so much in a variety of industries, from finance to healthcare.  

Never Stop Learning

New innovations are changing the way brands in all verticals do business, taking a lifelong learning approach to technology can help organizations and individuals stay up to date and make the most of these emerging abilities. A recent paper from the University of Oxford highlights the plight of many professions today – the fear that jobs will not be enhanced, but replaced by technology and computerization.

Researchers predicted that some occupations will be more impacted than others and that they could be 100% automated within the next two decades. Some of the hardest hit industries on professions include:

  • Bookkeepers
  • Tax Preparers
  • Cargo and Freight Agents
  • Watch and jewelry repair
  • Insurance claims adjusters and underwriters
  • Mathematicians (not including teachers)
  • Telemarketers and call center agents
  • Title agents and examiners

While this research is still in its infancy, it showcases the occupations and industries that are most likely to be impacted by automation. A few other studies back up these findings:

While the most recent studies and innovations don’t totally agree on scope, they do agree that things are changing and in flux when it comes to jobs and automation. We’re committed to lifelong learning and to make the most of these new innovations for our clients.

So Now What?

All the advances in automation are a mixed bag for impacted professions; certainly, those in the finance and insurance fields need to be aware of and ready to adapt to new skills and automated workflow processes. Focusing on learning and expanding your talents now could pay off as automation continues to change the way businesses handle workflow and projects.

Lifelong Learning is Our Competitive Advantage in the Automation Age, Here’s Why

Learning Gives You a Competitive Edge

Learning new skills and to handle new and emerging technology gives both individuals and business owners a valuable edge in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Enhancing your existing skills with additional knowledge and abilities improves your marketability and allows you to be agile, even in a crowded market. You do not have to become an IT expert or learn a single line of code to efficiently and effectively use automation to your advantage.

By incorporating automation and machine learning into your existing workflow and processes, you are not giving up your role, you’re enhancing it. At the most basic level, automation is designed to handle those repetitive, mundane tasks that a human operator won’t enjoy or perform consistently and accurately. Automation still requires a human element to oversee processes, make real-time decisions and handle projects; it simply enhances your abilities, provides you with more, better data and the details you need to perform your job well.

Ancillary Skills Complement your Core Strengths

You already have an incredible set of skills – and so do your team members. Learning about automation and learning to use the power of machine learning to your benefit can only enhance your existing skills. For business owners, that means building a more computer savvy, efficient team that can complete more projects in less time. For individuals, that means developing critical skills that enhance your marketability and value to employers and ensure you always have options.

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving are Enhanced by Lifelong Learning

Automated AI and machine learning bring a lot to the table, but at the end of the day, they can’t replace humans when it comes to making strategic decisions. Logic skills, problem-solving, creativity and critical thinking are always going to be useful and in style, no matter how many machines can crunch data and handle mundane tasks. Focusing on building these core skills can enhance your abilities and ensure you are ready to deal with the data and opportunity that a machine learning setup can provide.

CAT-TEC is all about lifelong learning; our commitment to our clients extends far beyond today’s needs. We’ve already created customized solutions that take advantage of the best of AI for our customers and work hard to serve your needs. Join us as we look ahead to the future and work together to create a forward-thinking environment that is beneficial for us all. Contact us to learn what recent innovations in automation can do for you and how we can help you revolutionize your approach to projects and workflow.

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