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DropboxCAT-TEC’s Save Your Data – The Perfect Dropbox Alternative In Canada

CAT-TEC’s Save Your Data solution provides a robust platform allowing small businesses, consultants, independent contractors, financial advisors, real estate agents and other business professionals who struggle to collaborate in real time and share information with all members of their teams.

CAT-TEC invites you to try our Save Your Data solution for free.

“I have an offsite assistant, and all of my files (drawer-upon-drawer of them) are now  available. The ability to load documents from the offsite location, and have them [available] for me exactly when I need them is the great benefit of the SaveYourData software,”

The Michaud Group

CAT-TEC’s Save Your Data Solution is perfect for small businesses or specialized professionals who need a secure platform where they can share information and collaborate on projects in real time.

Save Your Data is a Canadian-hosted solution allowing financial advisors, real estate professionals, or any small team of professionals to securely and efficiently work on, or share projects, client files, or any other business data no matter where they are or what time of day it is.

Dropbox Alternative