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Information Technology in the Waste Management Industry

IT Services Waste ManagementInformation Technology has proved to be as valuable in the waste collection industry as any other industry. For a waste collection authority or collector, it’s important to know remotely where a full bin is located in order to empty the bin.

Data-gathering technologies play an increasingly important role in monitoring the performance of recycling schemes. When contractors have the necessary knowledge, they’re able to visit a site when the containers on that site are full, reducing the frequency of unnecessary trips. In addition, the contractor saves money in fuel and staff time.

While the development and deployment of software for the waste management industry is crucial, it’s also difficult and complex. There are many and potentially conflicting regulations, as well as demands for efficiency and high safety standards; information technology solutions must be innovative, and business processes must be closely managed and monitored.

As regulatory requirements become more complex, the process of supervising and controlling data related to waste management processes becomes more important. There are various IT solutions available for this process, but improper development and usage of these technologies won’t address the regulatory requirements or specific business needs of the waste management company. Therefore, selecting the right IT provider is extremely important.

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The most commonly used information technology in the waste management industry includes the following:

  • RFID Technology (RFID)

Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) technology is widely adopted in the waste management industry. With RFID technology, the bins can be embedded with microchips. When the microchip is scanned by the waste collection vehicle, the technology aligns the bin with the household. RFID ultimately provides proof of service, making invoices more difficult to dispute.

In addition, using RFID technology increases the level and accuracy of data collected during waste management. When combined with real-time communication technology, important information can be accessed and available immediately.

  • Waste Management Tracking (GPS)

GPS Tracking in the waste management industry has the ability to improve process efficiency, reduce errors, improve performance of staff, and reduce fuel usage. With GPS tracking, contractors are able to track vehicles in real-time, receiving continuous feedback on exact location of staff and trucks.

With a GPS system in place, trucks can be located and manually tracked down to various waste bins. In addition, waste trucks can be dispatched quickly and efficiency, saving time and costs by preventing vehicle mismanagement and rerouting. GPS trackers will match locations with the closest waste bin, reducing wasted time in the process of waste collection.

  • Off-Site Real-Time Monitoring

Off-site real-time monitoring software is commonly adopted in the waste management industry. When a company goes from one place to another, collecting waste from bins and transporting to dump yards, supervisors are able to capture bin images including the time and date stamp, condition of the bin, and coordinates. The value of off-site real-time monitoring is in the images.

Often, this monitoring software is combined with General Packet Radio Services (GPRS) technology. The GPRS allows information to be sent and received across the mobile network. The data is sent to a central server, recovering, storing, and processing the information; thus allowing stakeholders to take part in the process.

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