Is Your Confidential Business Information At Risk? The Answer Is YES!

Email Encryption ServiceIf you send emails and you fail to encrypt them, your business is at risk!

Have you:

  • Sent proposals and quotes as an attachment in email?
  • Sent login and password information in an email?
  • Sent your banking information or credit card information through email?
  • Discussed confidential projects through email?

If you answered YES to these questions, your business is at an IMMEDIATE risk?  You must take action NOW and get a reliable email encryption solution.  CAT-TEC can help.  Just call us at (416) 840-6560.

If you are a business owner, or write important confidential emails on a daily basis, encrypting your emails can save you from some massive headaches. While email encryption does require maintenance and can be a lot of work and a little difficult at times, it’s essential to keep your important information confidential. Keep in mind, you’ll want all of your emails to be encrypted, this eliminates possibility of having one encrypted email being a red flag for hackers. Authenticating and encrypting your emails protects them from inadvertent recipients.

Whether your emails contain personal information such as:

  • Usernames and passwords,
  • Authorizations,
  • Private matter discussions,
  • Shared sensitive data,
  • Trade secrets,
  • Social security numbers,
  • Home addresses,
  • Telephone numbers, etc.

You’ll want them to be protected and secure against hackers and those who want to abuse all of your important information.

Now, in order to encrypt your emails, you will have a private key and a public key. Your private key will be a secret you keep and it will decrypt messages sent to you, it also signs your sent encrypted emails therefore the recipient will know it is from you. Your public key can be sent to anyone you choose, and can even be made public for anyone to see. The sender will use your public key to encrypt the message they are sending for your eyes only. If someone else stumbles upon this encrypted email, it will be complete gibberish and non-comprehendible.

Although encrypting your emails can become quite a challenge sometimes, for not only you, but for also trying to get your receiver to encrypt their emails as well, it is essential. By using some common sense steps to maintain email encryption, you can rest easy knowing your confidentiality is secure between you and your sender. Take those extra steps to prevent your email from being exposed along its journey.

To learn more about how to start encrypting your emails, give us a call at (416) 840-6560 or send us an email at {email}. CAT-TEC will assist you with the process of protecting your information that matters most.

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