How Your Small Business Can Outsmart Hackers

If big brand names like Target or Home Depot can become victims of a cyber attack, then what about your small business?

loginDon’t think you aren’t susceptible because cyber criminals don’t discriminate and might target you simply because your security system is likely to be weaker and more vulnerable to breach.

Your intellectual property, account and customer information might be just what the hacker wants to target. And, with many companies moving to Cloud services, it’s time to take a realistic overview of the security systems you currently have in place.

Let’s look at some of the areas where your company might be more vulnerable and find some ways to beef up your security.

  • Power Up Your Passwords – Many people use the same passwords for many different accounts, and far too many of you have easy passwords which can be accessed by a hacker. It might be a pain to change them, but the consequences could be otherwise horrific. Take advantage of making your passwords more complex using a combination of both upper and lower case letter and combining them with both numbers and symbols. Use different ones and occasionally change them over time. Don’t make it easy for these cyber criminals!
  • Fortify Your Email – Are you using encryption for your most confidential emails and other correspondence? If you aren’t, it’s like going on holiday and leaving your windows open and your doors unlocked. Email communications is the life blood of your business, so it’s time to stop being naïve and think no one out there is going to bother with your vital correspondence. Encrypt!
  • Train Your Staff – Your employees are one of your most vulnerable assets when it comes to cyber crime and often cause a breach without being aware they have done so. It’s no good if your management team isn’t acutely aware of your company’s vulnerability, as they won’t be able to train staff properly. It might be better to get a security consultant in to evaluate your weak points and to train staff in being aware of how they might inadvertently cause a breach. “An ounce of prevention…” as they say!
  • Upgrade Your Security Software – Yesterday’s security software is old news and hackers and other cyber criminals are being ever more innovative. Last year’s security tech is simply not good enough. You need to ensure you have the latest malware and spyware protection, along with having a powerful up to date firewall. Don’t delay because cyber criminals are on the prowl as you read.

Ramp up your security protocols today and get the best security for your business. CAT-TEC can help you protect your company from cyber thieves so call us today at (416) 840-6560 or email us at: {email} and make your company secure now!

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