How to Streamline Operations with Software and IT Managed Services

Discover how to streamline business operations with software and IT managed services.

IT Managed Services

Today, businesses can easily streamline operations with software and IT managed services. IT services offer a full range of high-tech solutions that are full-hosted and delivered on-demand. Plus, there are packages that can be configured to support and streamline your unique business processes.

End-to-End IT Service Management Software

Managed IT service providers offer end-to-end IT management software so businesses can take control of operations and functions, such as:

  • Tracking new customer setup
  • Keeping projects and new installations on track and within budget
  • Processing customer requests with automated notification and streamlined workflow
  • Tracking and monitoring field service technicians
  • Capturing and converting service alerts into service tickets
  • Invoicing projects for time, contracts, and service work
  • Optimizing service tech utilization with producing business reports and metrics

Managing Customer Information

IT service management software programs are robust. They offer better management of customer information, improve sales reporting, streamline business workflow, integrate Microsoft Outlook and track products and subscriptions. With a software program, businesses can get an integrated view of sales prospects and customers, check on project status, view history and monitor service tickets with just one application. Using a web browser or mobile device, businesses can gain information anywhere and anytime. When it comes to sales and reporting, everything can be easily tracked, including sales metrics, territory management, and sales quota performance. It lessens the chance of missing important data. Real-time integration with Microsoft Outlook eliminates the need to create separate contact databases. Managing this data efficiently creates new sales opportunities.

Software That Processes Customer Service Requests

Deliver faster service, improve response times and get a complete audit trail whether customer requests arrive via a web portal, fax, phone or email. This type of software gives businesses the tools to manage outsourced IT services, track billable service work, capture service alerts, deploy a branded client access portal and monitor everything with service dashboards. Businesses can rely on IT services management software to streamline troubleshooting, help desk, support, configurations, upgrades, and maintenance. Track billable service work in the background. It’s useful when using contractors. And with service alerts being captured automatically, businesses get a speedy resolution for monitoring security alerts and viruses. Create, submit and check status reports through a client access portal. This feature streamlines response and resolution times. With service dashboards, key metrics can be monitored. All around:

  • Callbacks are reduced
  • Response times are faster
  • Customer issues don’t fall through the cracks
  • Business intelligence is enhanced by tracking trends and performance metrics
  • Revenue is increased
  • Efficiency is resolved with fewer resources

Managed Service Options That Streamline Business Operations

An entire IT department is in the palm of your hands with managed service options. And there are many elements. Whether equipment is at the provider’s facilities or in-house, businesses can opt for 24/7/365 remote monitoring and management. Opt for cloud servers. Get cloud-hosted applications to keep a business running with backup servers and backup power. Streamline operations and keep a business running with disaster recovery and backup. Duplicates of memory, application software and local data maintained by the IT provider ensures quick recovery if there is a hardware crash.

And with managed security, network vulnerabilities are minimized. Plus, an IT managed service provider can custom tailor the system for an individualized security application that meets unique needs. Some IT providers even offer third-party applications that ramp up productivity and security in the mobile corporate culture. With IT service options, companies can save money, augment in-house IT staff or replace it.

Choose mobility services and jump in on the mobile revolution to improve customer relations, reduce costs, increase sales, streamline processes and open new avenues of revenue. Mobile technologies have the capability to change the way companies operate. An IT service provider can provide a strong mobile plan and closely monitor the network. By opting for this service, businesses can free up this time-consuming task for IT departments.

Opt for collaboration services and connect with partners around the world or have a meeting with the sales team. This type of platform brings voice, video, and data to the same arena. These types of applications streamline the business process, improve efficiency and enhance productivity. And through hosted collaboration, there is also a customizable menu of options for businesses. Collaboration services include:

  • Assessment and design
  • Customer engagement solutions
  • Cloud collaboration
  • Operational support
  • Infrastructure diagnostics and monitoring
  • Help desk

Today, there are many factors fueling businesses to streamline operations with software and IT management services. Almost half of businesses stand to lose up to $10,000 an hour due to downtime. It’s also projected that up to 60 percent of businesses will go out of business within six months of a data disaster. Every week, over 120,000 businesses suffer a hardware crash. The risks are just too great for companies today. If you’re seeking more information on how you can streamline operations with software and IT managed services, contact the IT experts at CAT-TEC in The GTA by calling (416) 840-6560 or email at {email}.

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