Do You Forget Your Passwords on a Regular Basis? There’s a Tool for That!

Password SecurityMany of us are aware that we shouldn’t use the same password for multiple online accounts. However, the fear of forgetting a password leads many people into this awful habit. Finally, there’s a way to avoid this unsecure method of remembering passwords!

PasswordBox: Online Storage and Retrieval of Passwords

This tool stores account passwords using the same level of encryption employed by the U.S. government, with automatic retrieval of passwords whenever you open a website that requires a password. PasswordBox is available free of charge for up to 25 passwords, or pay a dollar per month for unlimited passwords.

PasswordBox also works across a multitude of devices, so you can use it on your smartphone, computer and tablet. PasswordBox even offers a legacy feature so you can designate a digital heir, allowing your password-protected accounts to be accessible to someone when you’ve passed away.

PasswordBox will notify your chosen heir via an email invitation to the service, which must be accepted to complete the authorization process. Once you’ve passed away, the heir must send the company a death certificate. Dan Robichaud, CEO of PasswordBox, says that the process has already happened several times without any problems.

In the next two weeks, the company is expected to launch PasswordBox Wallet, which is an upgrade for its app on Apple’s mobile devices, allowing users to store information for government ID cards and credit cards within their PasswordBox account. In the two weeks following this update, a free-for-life option will be offered to users. The new option will allow users to enjoy unlimited password storage for life.

Later this year, an Android version of PasswordBox Wallet will be available as well. PasswordBox syncs all of your saved passwords when you  log into accounts with your iPad, Mac, Windows PC or Android smartphone. However, one downfall is how PasswordBox takes over your homepage and shows icons of websites that are most popular among PasswordBox users.

This annoying feature can be turned off by clicking on a small gear icon at the bottom right of the new-tab PasswordBox page, then simply turn ingoff the Enable StartPage option. If you’d like to keep PasswordBox’s StartPage, you have the option to view your Google Chrome Web apps by selecting a small Apps option at the bottom left, though they end up in a long, horizontal string that can’t be reordered.

Another downside is that PasswordBox doesn’t work on all banking websites, though a company representative has explained that banking and financial sites are constantly changing their form fields and PasswordBox is attempting to use technology to identify these changes and correct them as quickly as possible.

PasswordBox Installation as an Extension in Your Web Browser

Are you sharing passwords with a close friend or family member? Use PasswordBox to do this with secure encryption, as opposed to sending the password in an email or writing it down. Select ‘Share New’ in PasswordBox, chose which account password you’re sharing from a list, and enter the email address you’re sharing the password to. Those on the accepting end of the transfer must open a PasswordBox account.

You can always see who you’re sharing with and who is sharing with you, and it’s simple to select an option to ‘un-share’ your passwords as well. If you want the actual password letters and numbers to be visible by the other person, that’s an option, or you can choose to keep it hidden.

It can be difficult and annoying to remember all of your passwords. Even while you’re browsing the Web on a secure home network, it can be nerve-racking just to enter your password. PasswordBox relieves a lot of these security concerns with minimal effort on your part. To download PasswordBox, click here.

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