Creating a Collaborative Holiday Album with Friends and Family

You are probably spending a lot of time with your friends and family during the holiday season and everyone is taking pictures. Use one of these methods so you can have access to the photos too.

The holidays are a great time of the year filled with fun parties, outings, and time spent with family and friends. During this time of year, you probably have everyone snapping pictures. It can be difficult to keep up with them all or even get them from other family members. There are now countless ways you can collaborate with your friends and family on larger photo albums or share photos privately.

Holiday Photos

Using Facebook

Facebook is probably one of the easiest methods of sharing photos with family and friends. Most of them will already be on Facebook so it makes a lot of sense. However, you will want to make sure that your album is set to private from anyone who is not a member of your friends and family. Facebook now will even allow you to add contributors to the album so they can add their folders.

Moments App

Another great way Facebook makes it easy to share pictures is through their partner app, Moments. You can share albums with other people and add collaborators. You can even create different albums for different events or groups. You only add the people you want to have access to it and they will be able to add their own pictures.


Dropbox is another app that people tend to already have. You can create shared folders on Dropbox, as long as they have an account. In these shared folders, people can add pictures, save pictures, and more. It is a very easy way to share photos while maintaining privacy. The only issue is that they will have to get an account if they do not have one. Good thing it is free!

Google Photos

Google photos is a good way to share photos and videos as well. All someone needs to be able to use it is a Google account which is easy and free to set up. Not only can you create albums here, but you can also have people add to them. The cool thing that is different about Google Photos is that they even allow you to turn on and off the ability for people to comment on the photos and the album.


OneDrive is the Microsoft version of Google Photos. The same capabilities are available but your friends and family need to have a Microsoft account in order to use it and collaborate on your various albums.

Maintaining your Privacy

No matter what method you choose for sharing photos with friends and family, you need to ensure that you have privacy controls set up on the albums. You do not want people gaining access to your photos who may use them against you or use them for their own personal game. Set up privacy settings on each of the albums and only allow your friends and family access as well as anyone that they wish to share with it.

The method you choose for sharing your photos and gaining access to the ones you didn’t take is completely up to you and your family. For more information about your options in The GTA, be sure to contact CAT-TEC via {email} or (416) 840-6560.

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