Concerned About Viruses, Malware And Other Malicious IT Activities?

Virus activityThe CryptoLocker ransomware virus is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the next line of assault on businesses.  Traditional viruses and malware haven’t been completely eliminated, however many of the leading antivirus software companies have figured out how they work.

This doesn’t mean you can abandon your antivirus protection or even consider one of the many free ones out there.  Your business still requires a multi-threat protection system. 

The following are some protection technologies and strategies you should have in place:

  • Your corporate-grade firewall is the first line of defense and offers a blanket approach to protecting your business.  The sub $100 routers you can get at any of the local electronic stores just aren’t good enough. You need to use business defense technologies for complete security.
  • Antivirus software must be installed on all computers and servers on your network.  This will make sure your business is protected at the grass-roots level.  Users are human, and prone to clicking on things they shouldn’t. Even the best antivirus platforms may let the odd unwanted email through.
  • Your users must be trained to recognize a potential virus threat, so they don’t open email attachments containing malicious software.
  • One last and important part of your antivirus strategy is your spam or email protection.  Many viruses and other malicious codes are propagated through email.  It’s easy for a hacker to distribute their disruptive payload over email.  Easy access to hundreds of thousands of email addresses exists online, and it only takes a very small percentage of “opens” to deliver a huge ripple through the business community that can ultimately become the next “Trojan Tsunami.”

Our highly skilled IT security experts are here to make sure your business is protected from all the threats that exist in the business world today.  Not only will we protect your computers, servers and your network,  we can also help you secure your mobile devices and even your cloud services.

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