Can Your Staff Work Efficiently?

Your Employees Want to Work Efficiently Regardless of Their Physical Location.  In Fact, They’re Demanding This.

Today’s mobile workforce demands flexible work options. And, in our option, Microsoft Office 365 is the best choice. See how this cloud-based solution supports the way your employees want to work today.

Work Remotely

If yours is like most businesses today, you’ve been surprised how employees demand work options you didn’t provide before. From wanting a greater work-life balance, to having the ability to stay on top of breaking situations when out of the office, they now require mobile, collaborative, software solutions.

Office 365 allows your employees to work efficiently and securely regardless of their physical location, the device they use, or level of connectivity. 

Office 365’s Multi-Device Support Provides the Flexibility They Need.

With an Office 365 subscription, your teams can work where and how they need to — whether it’s from their phones, laptops, desktops or tablets.  With access to presentations, spreadsheets or documents in a taxi on the way to meeting, Office 365 is game-changer for employees who are often pressed to make last-minute decisions. Its innovative structure allows them to edit a file on their laptop, and later open the same file on their phone or tablet to make tweaks before important presentation.

Ongoing Cost Management

Purchasing subscription-based Office 365 allows you to spread your costs over a long period of time—something that can be valuable when it’s difficult to pull together funds for software or upgrades.

The cost to upgrade software on numerous machines was once a reason to continue using aging software—No longer. Cloud-based software subscriptions like Office 365 ensure your workers have access to the latest tools to drive innovation and efficiency.

Due to its benefits, it’s predicted that by 2020, more than 80 percent of software vendors will change from traditional license and maintenance, to subscription-based models like Office 365.

The Benefits of a Promoting a Remote Workforce

Offering flexibility to your workforce is a way to differentiate your organization as the best place in town to work. You’ll attract and keep the best talent, often without raising pay scales significantly.

Plus, with Office 365 you can manage licensing deployment from a distance, which is critical when you have employees working from home or out of state. A blend of onsite and offsite workers is now accepted as the norm, and Microsoft offers the tools to help you manage this with ease.

Competition for top workers is tight, with businesses looking for ways to out-innovate their competitors. Providing workers with the ability to work remotely with Office 365 allows for a more effective work-life balance, which can be missing from your competitors’ organizations.

Office 365 Is the “First Name” in Collaboration

Microsoft’s remote collaboration tools such as OneDrive allow your employees to work together on files by editing them in real-time, and saving them across their devices. Collaboration has long been a challenge for remote teams, but the tools in Office 365 now provide an exceptional connection.

Work is being transformed and accomplished, from mobile, shared documents, removing the constraints of paper. Individual empowerment is at an all-time high with organizations that leverage Office 365’s sophisticated, yet simple-to-operate, secure tools.

Employing Millennials

As more Millennials enter the workforce, there’s a growing need to provide a fluid culture that provides ample opportunity for uniting a global workforce. It’s no longer unusual for a project team to span continents as well as states, with physical locations being, perhaps, the least important component of their effectiveness.

At CAT-TEC, we find that by providing a more fluid approach to the workday, that our employees’ efficiency and effectiveness have increased—And, this goes for all generations, not just Millennials. 

Having a familiar and consistent interface across different devices provides your employees the comfort level they’ve come to expect from Microsoft products. Whether it’s checking their calendar on an Android phone, Surface tablet, desktop PC and Apple Watch, or picking up where they left off editing a contract while sitting on the subway, productivity tools have evolved to be as mobile as the people using them.

CAT-TEC can help you learn more about, and deploy innovative solutions like Office 365. Contact us by calling (416) 840-6560 or email {email}. We will work you to create the ideal package for your needs, while keeping upfront costs to a minimum.  

Client Success

The Michaud Group

“I have an offsite assistant, and all of my files (drawer-upon-drawer of them) are now  available. The ability to load documents from the offsite location, and have them [available] for me exactly when I need them is the great benefit of the SaveYourData software,”

The Michaud Group