Anonymous Hacking Canada: Why and How Are They Doing This?

Hacking in CanadaYou would think, the capital of Canada, where our prime minister resides, would be one of the safest cities in the county. Anonymous, a group of people, has come out to try and clear someone’s name of a crime, and has reacted because officials are not listening to them. One person from the group, code name Aerith, reported that they could attack into big Canadian servers belonging to governments and corporations. Some of which include Ottawa police networks,, the Supreme Court, TELUS, Fido, Wind Mobile, and Koodo Mobile. Aerith already has access and information from the Ottawa police server, which emails and conversations have been saved. Why and how are they doing this?


There can be many reasons why a person would want to hack into government and big company servers; opportunity, frustration, political messages, thrills, power, and the list goes on. In this scenario, it is frustration and sending a political message that were the prime objectives. There will always be activists for social and political conflicts, especially in the innocence of a person. Hacking computers is an opportunity-based crime that can be influenced by such events.

Looking for Opportunities

There are many ways people can get into your servers and, in this case, Distributed Denial of Services (DDoS) can be used. DDoS is when an enterprise server gets flooded and crashes. The hacker, at this point, will convince the server to move the web traffic in another direction, which causes information to be accessible. These types of cyber-attacks are not something to take lightly. If the right person has some type of grudge or an issues against you, it could come down the wrong path. The situation, previously mentioned, is a prime example of the havoc that can be brought to your front door.

Protecting Yourself

Having a basic server, that hosts your information, is a good start to getting hacked. Yes, there are many other ways that people can get in, but the DDoS method can get past this, easily. Here are a few options:

  • Have multiple servers – let your servers decide where the information goes, and not the hackers
  • Invest in software – there is software out there that can filter through these attacks, choose the right one
  • Invest in better equipment – having the right hardware, to back up your software, is always key to proper security.

It’s going to be difficult to decide what you should do, especially with an abundance of hacking methods that are out there today. If you want a quick and easy solution, provided by professionals, give us a call at (416) 840-6560 or email us at {email}. CAT-TEC, preventing hackers and keeping you safe.

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