7 Ways Cloud-Based File Sharing Boosts Productivity and Employee Morale

The reality is that more and more, we are working from locations outside a traditional office.

Employee Morale

Whether it be at a client site, working from a home office, or simply trying to squeeze in a little extra work while waiting for a flight, we want to leverage the availability of cloud-based services and advancements in mobile computing to do our work.

Here are 7 reasons why your business needs to consider making it easier for your employees to do more of their work in the cloud. Not only will this help boost overall productivity, but making it easier for people to do their jobs is always a way to increase morale.

  1. Cloud-Based Services Provide True Remote Access

The reach of the internet continues to expand globally and there are few places left on the planet that do not have internet connectivity. By making your data available on cloud synching services, your employees can access files from most any location via smart phones and tablets.

The ability to quickly and easily access files from any location is very convenient for employees that travel; it is also much appreciated by those that may need to work from home occasionally. It also means that your business does not have to grind to a stop during inclement weather when your staff is unable to commute to the office.

  1. Ditch Your Old VPN

Not that long ago, VPN was the standard means of extending a private network access by way of an internet connection. It worked well for its time but this approach is ancient tech now and not only is it cumbersome and slow to use, it also requires dedicated hardware to maintain and is not mobile-friendly.

It’s time to say goodbye to VPN and make remote access easier for your staff by making the move to the cloud.

  1. Mobile Devices and Cloud-Connected File Servers

With the rise in adoption of tablets and smartphones, the need to be tethered to a desktop – or even laptop, for that matter – has decreased dramatically. Mobile apps have increased in functionality to the point that most data files including MS-Office can now be worked on efficiently though a mobile device.

Younger workers especially are more accepting of mobile devices and they demand the ability to use these devices to do more of their work.

  1. Transferring Large Files

For many businesses, it is still necessary to work with very large files. For those forced in the past to work with VPN connections, the frustration of working with large files is still a painful memory. But working in the cloud is far more efficient and large files can be downloaded and transferred much more quickly.

  1. Data Security Protection

Cloud service providers have been steadily improving data protection capabilities in their data synching services. New generation cloud-based file services are being developed with enhanced data security features that meet the requirements of even the most demanding corporate compliance policies.

  1. Easier to Keep Files Synced

Cloud-based file sharing services excel at distributing files thereby promoting greater collaboration with others. Combine the ease of use of mobile devices and the ability to connect to these web services, and the sharing of information has never been easier.

  1. Limit Collaboration to Approved People Only

Like data security, file access controls are also being upgraded and while user and file-level permission-setting weren’t available in earlier versions of some file synching services, this is quickly being addressed.

One last thing to keep in mind as you consider adopting a cloud-based file synching service is to do your homework. Be sure you select the service that offers the best combination of file maintenance and security that is appropriate for your business.

Get this right and not only do you make your data safer and promote collaboration, but you also make it easier for your staff. With the potential for increased productivity and a boost to employee morale, this makes moving your file sharing to the cloud an obvious tactic you must consider.


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